Tuesday 31 January 2017

Statement Colours!

Statement Colours!

Ceramica Etc’s knowledgeable team are on hand for any advice that their customers may need.  This month they share their tips on choosing colour and making a statement.

2017 Interiors
With a new year beginning, now is a good time to look for different ways to brighten up your house. If you are staying in your home there are lots of new ideas and products to enhance what you already have, create a fresh new look, whether it is a big project like a kitchen floor or a small porch. You could even give some old furniture a coat of Annie Sloan paint, now is a great time to start gathering inspiration.
If you are thinking of moving this year then have a look at all the ideas available for your new home and get creative.

Make a Statement
If you want to go bold, now is the perfect time, colours, patterns and statement walls are in.  With each of the factories developing and creating their own exciting ranges there are no limits to what you can create.  Our advice, be different, take a chance, you will love how you can tweak your designs to create your own dream home.  From vibrant coloured bricks to awe inspiring feature walls and classic patterns brought back with a twist.  There is so much to choose from with ranges to suit every budget.

Understated Classics with a twist
A simple, affordable brick style tile is anything but boring.  The way a tile is laid makes such a difference to the overall appearance. 

Herringbone, windmill, offset brick bond or stacked, each bring a completely different characteristic and style to the look of your room. 
Grouting also makes a massive difference to the appearance of the space, go white or grey, make it stand out or blend in.  There are so many decisions to be made even after choosing your tiles.

A Modern Touch, add Statement Colours
If you prefer to go for a simple contemporary look there are lots of choices this season.
The ever popular large format grey tiles look equally well on walls and floors. There are so many
beautiful colours available in accessories that any simple, timeless design can be enhanced with bright cushions, throws and vases to create your signature look.

Simple Elegance
Any house can be improved with the addition of some classic simple ideas. It might be that this year a Victorian hallway needs updated or restored or a new shower just need some simple white tiles. There are so many ideas to choose from. 

What is in?
This season, if you like colours there are lots of blues and greens available in both tiles and paint.

If patterns are your thing there are so many geometric, floral and moorish prints available. If colour and pattern aren’t what you are looking for then a simple contemporary elegant grey or white, concrete or metallic, stone or wood effect may appeal more to you.  Really our message for 2017,
There is something for everyone in every budget. 

Have a browse through Pinterest, and get inspired.  Show the images that you like to the staff at your local interiors shops and see if they can help you to create your own twist on the look that you are going for.