Tuesday 28 February 2017

Real Wood or Porcelain Wood?

Real Wood or Porcelain Wood?

With so many options now on the market it is hard to know which one to go for.   Many people are still sceptical at the thought of using an “imitation” wood in their homes, so I have done a bit of research and here is my verdict on the matter.  My favourite; the porcelain wood!   This is why. . .

First off, there is nowhere that you can’t put it, and I mean nowhere.  Because of the nature of porcelain it won’t expand and contract like a real wood floor and moisture levels do not affect it.  So you can have a beautiful porcelain wood floor in your bathroom or wet room, some ranges even come with an outdoor version so you can carry it through your house and out onto your patio/BBQ area, you can’t get much better than that!

Kitchens and hallways have always been a bit of a grey area when it comes to real wood floors, they can wear and discolour with time, can be stained, and trap dirt between the planks.  Porcelain wood overcomes all of these issues.  It won’t stain or discolour, it is very hard wearing and the grout even prevents dirt and food from being caught between the planks.

If you are considering under floor heating then porcelain it is!  As a natural insulator, wood isn’t much good with under floor heating, it will heat up when the heat is on but will not hold the heat for long once the heating has gone off.  Porcelain on the other hand is a natural heat store.  It will heat up when the under floor heating is on, but will hold the heat for hours after the heating has gone off.

If you aren’t won over already then here are a few more reasons to go for porcelain wood.   It doesn’t just come in wood colours, although it is available in every shade of wood that you can imagine.  If you want subtle you can get beautiful grey and mink tones, beautiful pale unstained pine and charred dark wood.  If you are more into the texture you can go for a planed effect porcelain wood or go for textured (without the risk of getting a skelf) they even come in ultra smooth with beautiful grain.  Or go for a simple, small plank and lay it in herring bone, simply stunning!  If you are looking for more of a statement you can go for paint effect wood in a wide variety of colours, ornate patterned wood, end grain planks, hexagon wood or even sterling board in a wide range of colours.  What more could you want!

For me it just doesn’t compare.  Porcelain wood every time!