Thursday 9 November 2017

The Return of the Terrazzo

The Return of the Terrazzo

Over the last couple of years Terrazzo flooring has made an impressive come back.  It is no longer associated just with school floors and public buildings.  It is a thing of beauty, highly sought after, extremely desirable and unfortunately pretty expensive too, but don’t worry, we have a modern and cost effective twist on the original, which may be even more beautiful.

Terrazzo flooring originated in Friuli in Italy, it is thought around the 15th Century.  The craftsmen who laid the venetian marble mosaic flooring began to gather all of the waste marble and chips from the marble floors that they were laying as well as pebbles and glass from the areas where they lived.  They would lay these into the ground around their living quarters, their “terrazza”, or terrace as we know it.  They would then rub the surface with stones to give them a flat surface, not long after this they developed a tool for grinding away the surface, revealing the beautiful patterns beneath.   They later discovered that by using the milk from their goats as a sealer they could bring out the colour in the chips of marble and stone.  They had created a beautiful, virtually free flooring.  Little did they know that this style of flooring would grow to be one of the most expensive, durable and desirable flooring options available.

We have, for the last couple of years been searching the globe to find you the best and most beautiful porcelain terrazzo.  To offer a terrazzo look that does not need a team of specialists to lay it and special cleaners and sealers to look after it, and one that will not break the bank.  We wanted something with a modern twist that you could get excited about, and now we have it.

Our porcelain terrazzo is made in Spain, using a range of different techniques to create the just the right look including photographing the real thing and studying endless chips of marble, stone, glass, granite and shell to give you the perfect combination of colours.  The artists behind the porcelain terrazzo have created a beautiful mix of patterns and colours for you to choose from as well as matching coloured bricks and delicate patterns. 

It is available in a carefully curated selection of colours from shades of greys to pink, blue and yellow.  It can be laid with a very narrow grout joint to give you a simple terrazzo feel or with brass in each joint to give you a bit of opulence.  It also comes in a range of different bold patterns, whether you want to go for Escher cubes or a delicate floral.  You can go ultra modern or a twist on retro.  Pair it with a stunning handmade style brick in a similar colour, use it on your kitchen walls for a real statement, try the semi-polished version for a bit of elegance or go ultra modern with a slick white pairing.  The options are endless.

So whatever your style, call in to see us and check out our absolutely stunning range of porcelain terrazzo tiles.  If you cant make it down just yet, don’t worry, you can also check it out on our website at:

Tuesday 31 October 2017

Magnificent Monochrome Tiles

Magnificent Monochromes
Mon•o•chrome |ˈmänəˌkrōm|
noun - A photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one color.
ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: based on Greekmonokhrōmatos ‘of a single color.’
For years artists have been experimenting with monochrome to create different shades or tones of a particular colour.  The idea is to take one colour and use shades of the single colour to create light and dark areas creating beautiful monochromatic effects giving interest to certain areas.  It is thought that by creating a monochrome style room you create an area of tranquillity, free from distraction and conflicting elements.  You can create a monochrome room using the simplest of elements, by going back to basics and using simple forms, shapes and materials.
A monochrome look is a very good choice for a kitchen or bathroom, it is one of those styles that never really dates, a current look that can be very cutting edge and at the same time, timeless.  Going monochrome can also give you that calming feel, whether you go for black and white or shades of a colour.  As you will have seen greens and blues are very popular and traditional choices for a bathroom.  As more styles, colours and patterns are becoming readily available, people are becoming bolder with their choices.  We are doing more bright and edgy bathroom designs.  One monochrome that has really taken off is shades of pink.  A pink terrazzo style porcelain floor, dusty pink bricks and brass fittings are an absolutely stunning combination that is often overlooked.  If you prefer the more traditional colour range you could go for shades of blue, beautiful original styled blue 6x6” glazed tiles come with matching border and skirting tiles available in a whole range of shapes, sizes and shades or blues, greens, black white and greys.  The options are endless.
Monochrome works really well with textures so if patterns aren’t really your thing, don’t worry.  If you want to go with a simple, classic and timeless black and white or shades of grey why not add a bit of texture as your feature wall.  A beautiful matt black hexagonal tile or a satin white elongated brick style laid in a herringbone to give you that edge and add interest to your wall.  Go for gloss and use an arabesque, umbrella or chevron shaped tile.  These are available in shades of grey, black and white and are an absolutely stunning choice for a feature whether it is a shower, a dramatic wall in your living room or a splash-back in your kitchen.  This style can be really brought to life by adding some coloured, brass or beautifully finished accessories as the texture lends itself so well to being paired up with statement accessories.
If you want something more dramatic but without the detail of a pattern or texture the steel or copper effect porcelain tiles give an absolutely stunning feature wall while still keeping a monochrome style.
If statement pattern is more your thing, why not go for shades of olive green with a bold matching patterned floor or a striking black and white  patterned floor and feature wall.  Patterned tiles are now available in nearly every colour, with a bit of imagination the possibilities are endless.  You can go for very modern, crisp patterns in bright bold colours or black and white, or go for an antique look patterned tile in shades of blues.  These can be paired with a larger 60x60 in jean blue or shades or greys.   If you want that classic feel, a mix of white and black marble or marble effect porcelain gives a beautiful, cutting edge contemporary look.
 If you aren’t sure what to do we have put together a selection of images to help you out. 
Have a look at our Facebook-  Instagram,-   Pinterest - and website - for ideas of what is possible.

Saturday 30 September 2017

Annie Sloan Paint & Small Tiled Areas

Annie Sloan Paint & Small Tiled Areas

Get a fresh new look for in time for Christmas that won’t cost you a fortune.  Up-cycling is as popular as ever and with so many different projects about it is hard to know which ones to try.  Anything from revamping a coffee table to giving your home a whole new look.  So to make it a little easier we have picked out a few of our favourites.

An old steel framed coffee table can be completely transformed, replace the old wooden top with a strong piece of marine grade plywood and tile the top with old Moroccan tiles or mosaic to give it a more Mediterranean feel.  For something a bit more modern you could go for a marble or stone.  Or if you want a bit of colour or pattern there are so many options available.  You can even paint the steel frame using Annie Sloan chalk paint if you want a change of colour.

Revolutionise your front steps.  Tile your steps and give your front door a fresh coat of paint.  Black and white chequerboard can bring a whole new look to your home without going to great expense.  If that’s not really your style why not go for slate effect porcelain with a brightly coloured door or pretty patterned non slip tile.  Whether you are going for country cottage, modern townhouse or anything in-between there is something to suit.

Annie Sloan paint can be used to bring new life to your interiors in so many ways, why not give your old curtains a new look and dye them with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  You can use it to paint or dye fabric, just follow the instructions on Annie’s website.  This way you can upcycle old chairs, curtains, footstools etc.

To brighten up your office walls or add a bit of fun to children’s bedrooms why not create a coloured chalkboard?  Annie Sloan unwaxed chalk paint can be used as a chalkboard.  With endless colour options available by mixing different colours the possibilities are limitless.  Why not give it a go?

Quirky tiles can be used as a splash back in a small wc to give it a real wow factor, why not go for something a bit different.  A safari animal print tile, flamingo print, umbrella shaped, or a kite mosaic tiles.  There are so many options to give your cloakroom, bathroom or wc a facelift.  You could do the walls in Annie Sloan paint, upcycle an old mirror and use her gold leaf or guilding wax to bring a bit of sparkle to the detailing.

If you hallway needs a bit of a lift, Annie Sloan wall paint could be a good option, or for the floorboards use her paint in conjunction with the floor lacquer for a slightly aged feel.  You can also use it to paint your lampshades, why not go ombre style giving a more atmospheric feel.

Revamp your fireplace with a coat of Annie Sloan and some new tiles, see her website for details on what to do.  You can also add some patterned, coloured or period tiles to add that little bit of drama.  If you don’t have a fireplace it can also be used to freshen up your radiators.

For a quick kitchen fix, you can paint your cupboards with chalk paint.  It is a quick, easy and relatively cost effective way of brightening up your kitchen quite quickly.  If you want to go that little bit further why not add an Original Style glass splash back for a pop of colour or handmade tiles from the Winchester tile company’s Châteaux range as your cooker splash back.  You can find their beautiful tiles on their website.

If it is a smaller project that you are looking for then why not try Annie Sloan’s image transfer method.  You can use this to add detail to up-cycled furniture, add imagery to your cupboards or to make a stunning wall hanging.  Use Annie Sloan’s decoupage glue and varnish.

There are so many things that you can do to brighten up your home, have a look at - and for a little bit of inspiration.

Thursday 14 September 2017

Ceramica Etc

Ceramica Etc is like no other tile shop around.  From the moment that you enter you realise the tremendous choice that is available to you.  Their showroom displays the cutting edge in design and current trends but also appeals to those who want something different, personal, exceptional.  Whether your style is modern, traditional, bohemian, avant-garde or something else entirely this showroom will appeal to you. 

They haven’t done the norm and created small kitchen or bathroom settings, instead they have created dramatic displays, pairing patterns and metro bricks, porcelain parquet wood with handmade ceramic tiles.  They have everything you can imagine from real stone to digitally printed porcelain, tile panels depicting jungle scenes to very large format porcelain or even hand painted decorative tiles. If you want wood they have very realistic, or aged and painted wood effect porcelain, that you can put in a shower.  They can offer everything from tiny personalised mosaic panels to 1.6 x 3.2m porcelain tiles.  They profess to holding  large volumes of stock and catching a glimpse into their massive warehouse, it is apparent that this is indeed the case.   If they don’t have what you are looking for then it probably doesn’t exist. 

It is a family run business that has been going for three generations and the enthusiasm and passion that they have is incredible.  This gives their showroom a very friendly approachable feel.  It is also important to note that while they carry some very cutting edge products, they do have an incredible number of options available in many different styles at pretty much every price bracket. 

Thursday 31 August 2017

Make a Statement!

Make a Statement!
With kitchen walls being one of the smallest areas that we tile this is an area where you can add a bit of drama.  This doesn’t always mean choosing a bold colour or striking pattern.  It can be as simple as rotating a brick style tile and laying it vertically rather than horizontally or herring-bone pattern. You could stack them rather than having them in a brick bond style.  If you are feeling a little bit more adventurous go for a chevron or ogee shaped tile in a gloss white or pale grey.  This will give you a beautiful finish that is just that bit different without being too loud.

If it is bright colours that you are drawn too then why not go for something simple but dramatic.  A deep blue, green or burgundy with a bit of variance between pieces gives a stunning handmade look while still giving an air of sophistication, and creating depth and interest.   On the other hand, if you want a more modern feel why not go for a glass tile, they are available in so many colours, in gloss or matt and in a variety of sizes.  You can even get metallic or glitter finishes if that is your style, if not go for a flat pop of colour in a statement glass splash-back with matching up-stands.

A mosaic panel can also offer a rather dramatic focal point in anything from a breathtaking miniature black glass and marble brick style mosaic to a multicoloured porcelain mix.  For a sleeker feel the polished marble mosaics add a touch of class, while iridescent glass gives you hints of rich colour.  If you want a bit of bling, there are even crystal, shimmer mixes available.  There really is a mosaic for everyone!

If it is a pattern that you are looking for there are endless options available, small patterned floor tiles are becoming increasingly popular as a choice for kitchen splash-backs to bring a bit of interest to your walls.  Geometric Eshler style patterns can give the increasingly popular industrial look while a random mix pattern can bring a bit of feature to slick modern kitchens.  There are so many options to choose from, and each one can dramatically change the style of your kitchen.
Mirror tiles are also becoming highly sought after as a choice for kitchen walls, especially those with limited natural light as they help to brighten up darker areas and create beautiful reflections.  The bevelled options give you a more scattered image while the flat mirror tiles give a near perfect reflection.  You can even go for different shades of metallic antique effect if you want that slightly softer feel.

Be brave, choose what you love, over what people tell you is the popular choice.  After all it is your kitchen, you are in it every day.  There are so many options available, check them out, follow you local tile stockists on Pinterest and Facebook to get ideas of what is available.  Borrow samples to see what suits your home and ask for their advice on what works.  After all they are there to help you. 

Friday 30 June 2017

Why Not Pick A Patterned Tile?

Why not pick a patterned tile?

With so many options now readily available and affordable there are more possibilities than ever, so what look should you go for.  

People worry that patterns are on trend now but that this will not last.  We don’t think you need to worry too much about this.  The first proper production of patterned tiles was known as encaustic or inlaid tiles.  These went into production in the 12th Century and by the 13th Century were highly sought after.  To this day encaustic tiles remain an extremely desirable choice of flooring.  The Victorians loved a bit of style and grandeur in their entrances usually created with dramatic tiling.

While encaustics can be expensive, fortunately with advances in technology and photographic printing we now have many different types of patterns available in a whole range of prices.   These vary from digitally printed, computer-generated imagery to individually screen printed or even hand painted, patterned tiles.  For wet areas you can even get beautiful patterns in a rated non slip finish, so you can bring a bit of excitement to non slip bathrooms, kitchens, pathways and outdoor steps.  Alternatively, when it comes to Victorian floors you can create your own pattern from a mix of different sized, shaped and coloured pieces, you can even add a few screen printed, patterned pieces if you want something a bit more decorative.

As for style you can go for anything from modern to rustic, coloured to monochrome or even in contemporary shades of grey.  Terrazzo style, concrete look, geometric or random mix patterns.  There really are so many options available.

Choose a pattern that reflects your personality, your style, one that you love.  If bold patterns aren’t your thing there are so many other options available.  If you want a subtle hint there are lots of designs in muted colours with more delicate decoration.  If making a statement is more your style, why not go for bold bright dramatic patterns.  There is a pattern to suit everyone’s style, but don’t forget to choose something that also compliments the style and era of your house.

Wednesday 31 May 2017

Is the size of the tile important?

Picking tiles;
Is the size of the tile important?

With the vast variety of tiles now available, you have more choice than ever.   This means that there are lots of decisions to be made. Colours and patterns to consider, new styles e.g. porcelain wood or even cardboard effect, as well as a range of textures and finishes to choose from. 

Most patterned tiles will be 20 x 20cm while a standard floor tile is now 60 x 60 or 60 x 120cm. In a bigger kitchen 90 x 90cm or 100 x 100cm can be a popular choice and even 100 x 300cm are being used. So does it really matter what size you choose?  Here are a few things to consider . . . . . .

Designers and architects will often tell you to go for very big formats but in reality these are more expensive and not always right for your home.  What is more important is getting the right colour and texture of tile to fit in with the look and style that you are aiming for, whether you have a country cottage, modern apartment or townhouse there are lots of options available to you.  The style, colour and finish are what you will notice first over the shape or size, this is what will tie your room together.

If you do decide to go for a large format tile then there are a few very important things that you must check.  The floor must be absolutely sound, free from cracks and completely level with no pits or dips.  Any of these can cause you problems both at the time of tiling but more importantly in the long term if not dealt with correctly in the beginning.  Get advice from a professional tiler who should know exactly what needs to be done prior to fitting.

Choose the right colour of grout to compliment the tile, this should blend in and not dominate the floor.  Finally think about the layout of the tiles, whether to lay them stacked or brickbond and whether to run them across the kitchen or up and down.  These may not seem like important decisions but really they are just as important as the tile choice itself.

Rectified or Non-rectified?  If you want a more modern look in a smaller room rather than searching for a particular size, which can limit your choices significantly, why not consider going for a rectified option or a less patterned tile.  A rectified tile has crisp, sharp edge, this allows them to be laid with a smaller grout gap and more even surface than a non-rectified tile giving a more modern sleek look.  Alternatively choose a non-rectified tile with less pattern or texture for a more modern feel.

The Exceptions
  • ·      When it comes to a metro style tile grouted in contrast shade, then yes, the size matters as this is part of the look, as does the pattern that you choose to lay them in.  Smaller tiles will give you a busier, more traditional look while slightly larger ones will look more contemporary.  When laid in herringbone a smaller brick will show much more pattern while a bigger tile will create a larger, more spaced pattern.
  • ·      Wood effect porcelain is a very popular choice, available in many sizes, textures and colours.  The size of plank that you choose plays part in the overall appearance, and effects the ways that it may be laid eg herringbone, stacked or offset, each one changing the look entirely.

  • ·      The size of the room, in very large areas you may want a much larger tile to give you that sleek, modern look.  If this is the case 80x80 and 90x90’s are popular but don’t forget that 45x90 or 60x120’s make just as much of a statement.
  • ·      Patterns and colours are often only available in particular sizes, because of the style of them this is not an issue.  They add interest to your home, giving it that personal touch, don’t let the size of these put you off, choose the one that best fits with your style and colour scheme.

In the end, go for the tile that best compliments the room, your furniture and the style that you are going for, be aware of the size and how this will work with what you are doing but don’t limit your choices by looking for a particular size, there are so many options available.

Sunday 30 April 2017

Freshen up and Brighten

If your tiles look a bit dull even after being cleaned there is a solution.
Whether you have real stone, ceramic or porcelain tiling there is always something that you can do to freshen up your floors and grouting.  All surfaces including tiles can gather dirt and wax over time, building up a layer that can be hard to remove, especially if you don’t use the right maintenance products.  Some cleaning products leave a wax or residue behind, this is supposed to give a shine to the floor but in actual fact it gives the dirt a perfect surface to stick to.  The longer you leave it the more residue can build up, even when you wash the floor you aren’t getting through to the surface of the tile, leaving your floor a bit dull looking regardless of the time spent cleaning it.  Luckily there is something you can do about it. 

There are products available from FILA Solutions that have been developed to combat any problem that you may come across regarding the cleaning and maintenance of your tiling.  They have spent years developing and testing new products for nearly any problem that may arise.  It is definitely worth using these products rather than supermarket products which can be too acidic and damage your tiles.

If dirty or mouldy grouting is your problem then this can be easily fixed and can really brighten up the look of your room.  Mould can also cause issues with health so this is definitely one not to ignore.  Just be sure to use a specially developed formula that will solve the problem while not causing any damage to the surfaces around it.   Your old silicone can be easily removed and replaced with new mould resistant silicone.  If your grouting is dirty there are many products that can be used to clean it and then seal it afterwards making it easier to keep in the future.  Call into your supplier for more advice and info.

Brand new tiles just installed still need cleaned!  Grouts contain additives, especially the ones used for glass and porcelain, these tiles are not as absorbent as traditional ceramic tiles, so for this reason grouts are manufactured to be stickier.  Some of this residue will be left behind on the surface of the tile after installation.  You need a special cleaner to remove it otherwise it will catch dirt and become dull and lifeless over time.  Any tile, regardless of makeup should be cleaned with a specialised descaling cleaner after installation.  This will make the initial impact so much better and be far easier to keep clean.

Old stone floors can be given a new lease of life if you are willing to put in a bit of hard work, or hire a trained professional.  There are many products available to help.  Depending on the situation, there are a few different options.  Your natural stone floor can be enhanced with a coat of sealer or stripped right back and re-sealed. Make sure you maintain it with the right products and it should stay looking bright and fresh for a long time.  Every stone floor is different and requires individually selected products and care.

* Every floor is different, before trying any of these please speak to a professional, your supplier or local Fila stockist who will ensure that you are using the correct products for your floor.  Using the wrong products can cause problems.

Friday 31 March 2017

Shower Panels or Tiles?

Ceramica Etc’s expert team weigh on the debate . . .
Shower Panels vs Tiles.

Recently a new bathroom dilemma has surfaced causing some controversy, it is shower panelling versus tiling. The suppliers of panelling claim to solve all your problems, available in every colour and pattern, cheaper than tiling, no leaks etc etc etc.

I am putting my bit forward on behalf of the tile.  I want you to know why all the myths around how hard it is to look after grouting, how expensive tiling is and how you only get leaks when you use tiles are just that, Myths.

First lets begin with the figures aka your hard earned cash.  With most things in life, you get what you pay for.  Cheap shower panels will of course cost you less than expensive tiles and vice versa.  After some research it would seem that, like for like there really isn’t much difference in the overall cost of one against the other.  However with some of the better quality panels only coming with a 15 year guarantee and good grout and adhesives coming with a 25 year guarantee (a good tile can last forever) maybe that isn’t such a good deal after all.

What about Mould?  Tiles need grouted, this is what enhances the look and prevents them from letting water soak through to the wall/floor beneath.  If you buy a good, antibacterial grout with Microban this prevents the growth of mould.  The most common problem area used to be the silicone joints.  Whether you go for tiles or panels there are still some areas that will need a silicone joint to stop leaks.  Again go for a good antibacterial, mould resistant silicone and you will not have a problem with mould.  So grouting is no longer a problem, whether you go for a large format tile with minimal grouting, a metro brick or a tiny mosaic there really is nothing to worry about.  Choose the one you love the most, don’t let the myths put you off.  If you still aren’t sure, call in to your local suppliers who will be more than happy to help you choose the right products. 

Preparation is everything.   Whichever option you choose, it is important that the walls are even, sound and dry.  A bad surface can cause all sorts of problems, ask your supplier and fitter what is best and what you need to do to prepare.  Use a tanking kit, this is a relatively new system giving extra protection and will waterproof your shower or bathroom before tiles or panels are put up.  Used as a precaution to prevent leaks from doing any damage to the structure of your home.

Which one wins?
So after all of that, in terms of longevity it would seem that tiles are the outright winner.  
When it comes to price there really isn’t much difference.
Time - although the actual installation of tiles may take a little longer, the panels need to be left flat in your bathroom for at least three days prior to being installed to acclimatise, putting your bathroom out of use for just as long if not longer than tiling.
Overall appearance – With tiles there are endless options of colour, shapes, size and pattern in contemporary or traditional styles.  Over and above the choices seen in panelling.  

Tiles win every time!
So remember, with a lot of research and development by the technical departments.  Grouting is no longer an issue!  Neither is silicone.  Don’t let it put you off!  Ask for antibacterial grout, adhesive and silicone with a 25 year guarantee.  We recommend using BAL and FILA products, you can check their websites for more information and technical details.

Tuesday 28 February 2017

Real Wood or Porcelain Wood?

Real Wood or Porcelain Wood?

With so many options now on the market it is hard to know which one to go for.   Many people are still sceptical at the thought of using an “imitation” wood in their homes, so I have done a bit of research and here is my verdict on the matter.  My favourite; the porcelain wood!   This is why. . .

First off, there is nowhere that you can’t put it, and I mean nowhere.  Because of the nature of porcelain it won’t expand and contract like a real wood floor and moisture levels do not affect it.  So you can have a beautiful porcelain wood floor in your bathroom or wet room, some ranges even come with an outdoor version so you can carry it through your house and out onto your patio/BBQ area, you can’t get much better than that!

Kitchens and hallways have always been a bit of a grey area when it comes to real wood floors, they can wear and discolour with time, can be stained, and trap dirt between the planks.  Porcelain wood overcomes all of these issues.  It won’t stain or discolour, it is very hard wearing and the grout even prevents dirt and food from being caught between the planks.

If you are considering under floor heating then porcelain it is!  As a natural insulator, wood isn’t much good with under floor heating, it will heat up when the heat is on but will not hold the heat for long once the heating has gone off.  Porcelain on the other hand is a natural heat store.  It will heat up when the under floor heating is on, but will hold the heat for hours after the heating has gone off.

If you aren’t won over already then here are a few more reasons to go for porcelain wood.   It doesn’t just come in wood colours, although it is available in every shade of wood that you can imagine.  If you want subtle you can get beautiful grey and mink tones, beautiful pale unstained pine and charred dark wood.  If you are more into the texture you can go for a planed effect porcelain wood or go for textured (without the risk of getting a skelf) they even come in ultra smooth with beautiful grain.  Or go for a simple, small plank and lay it in herring bone, simply stunning!  If you are looking for more of a statement you can go for paint effect wood in a wide variety of colours, ornate patterned wood, end grain planks, hexagon wood or even sterling board in a wide range of colours.  What more could you want!

For me it just doesn’t compare.  Porcelain wood every time!

Tuesday 31 January 2017

Statement Colours!

Statement Colours!

Ceramica Etc’s knowledgeable team are on hand for any advice that their customers may need.  This month they share their tips on choosing colour and making a statement.

2017 Interiors
With a new year beginning, now is a good time to look for different ways to brighten up your house. If you are staying in your home there are lots of new ideas and products to enhance what you already have, create a fresh new look, whether it is a big project like a kitchen floor or a small porch. You could even give some old furniture a coat of Annie Sloan paint, now is a great time to start gathering inspiration.
If you are thinking of moving this year then have a look at all the ideas available for your new home and get creative.

Make a Statement
If you want to go bold, now is the perfect time, colours, patterns and statement walls are in.  With each of the factories developing and creating their own exciting ranges there are no limits to what you can create.  Our advice, be different, take a chance, you will love how you can tweak your designs to create your own dream home.  From vibrant coloured bricks to awe inspiring feature walls and classic patterns brought back with a twist.  There is so much to choose from with ranges to suit every budget.

Understated Classics with a twist
A simple, affordable brick style tile is anything but boring.  The way a tile is laid makes such a difference to the overall appearance. 

Herringbone, windmill, offset brick bond or stacked, each bring a completely different characteristic and style to the look of your room. 
Grouting also makes a massive difference to the appearance of the space, go white or grey, make it stand out or blend in.  There are so many decisions to be made even after choosing your tiles.

A Modern Touch, add Statement Colours
If you prefer to go for a simple contemporary look there are lots of choices this season.
The ever popular large format grey tiles look equally well on walls and floors. There are so many
beautiful colours available in accessories that any simple, timeless design can be enhanced with bright cushions, throws and vases to create your signature look.

Simple Elegance
Any house can be improved with the addition of some classic simple ideas. It might be that this year a Victorian hallway needs updated or restored or a new shower just need some simple white tiles. There are so many ideas to choose from. 

What is in?
This season, if you like colours there are lots of blues and greens available in both tiles and paint.

If patterns are your thing there are so many geometric, floral and moorish prints available. If colour and pattern aren’t what you are looking for then a simple contemporary elegant grey or white, concrete or metallic, stone or wood effect may appeal more to you.  Really our message for 2017,
There is something for everyone in every budget. 

Have a browse through Pinterest, and get inspired.  Show the images that you like to the staff at your local interiors shops and see if they can help you to create your own twist on the look that you are going for.

Wednesday 9 November 2016

The humble brick packed with potential.

The classic subway tile has made a come back, just not how you remember. Endless colours, sizes, laying patterns and grout options presents the opportunity to create a completely bespoke design and we are here to show you how. 

Don't be afraid to break the rules, why not stack it and offset it? Or herringbone? Stacked? A quarter offset?

What about changing the colour? 

Bring back some definition using white grout. 

Not brave enough? Try dark grout with a white brick for a simple statement?

Our beautiful bricks start at £15.00 per metre, this is a bargain not to be missed. Send us an email for a custom quote

Friday 24 June 2016

Spanish and Italian tiles

As a small family business who deal with Europe every day, things have just got more difficult and uncertain.
The majority of our products are made in and sourced from all over Europe and the UK. The Spanish and Italian tiles that we import are some of the best in design and quality in the world. We as a business will continue to support our European partners and source the finest quality products, bringing you the best value.
We are disappointed with the outcome of the vote but now we must move forward, reassure our agents and build our relationships.
New stock just in: Italian and spanish patterns!