Sunday 30 April 2017

Freshen up and Brighten

If your tiles look a bit dull even after being cleaned there is a solution.
Whether you have real stone, ceramic or porcelain tiling there is always something that you can do to freshen up your floors and grouting.  All surfaces including tiles can gather dirt and wax over time, building up a layer that can be hard to remove, especially if you don’t use the right maintenance products.  Some cleaning products leave a wax or residue behind, this is supposed to give a shine to the floor but in actual fact it gives the dirt a perfect surface to stick to.  The longer you leave it the more residue can build up, even when you wash the floor you aren’t getting through to the surface of the tile, leaving your floor a bit dull looking regardless of the time spent cleaning it.  Luckily there is something you can do about it. 

There are products available from FILA Solutions that have been developed to combat any problem that you may come across regarding the cleaning and maintenance of your tiling.  They have spent years developing and testing new products for nearly any problem that may arise.  It is definitely worth using these products rather than supermarket products which can be too acidic and damage your tiles.

If dirty or mouldy grouting is your problem then this can be easily fixed and can really brighten up the look of your room.  Mould can also cause issues with health so this is definitely one not to ignore.  Just be sure to use a specially developed formula that will solve the problem while not causing any damage to the surfaces around it.   Your old silicone can be easily removed and replaced with new mould resistant silicone.  If your grouting is dirty there are many products that can be used to clean it and then seal it afterwards making it easier to keep in the future.  Call into your supplier for more advice and info.

Brand new tiles just installed still need cleaned!  Grouts contain additives, especially the ones used for glass and porcelain, these tiles are not as absorbent as traditional ceramic tiles, so for this reason grouts are manufactured to be stickier.  Some of this residue will be left behind on the surface of the tile after installation.  You need a special cleaner to remove it otherwise it will catch dirt and become dull and lifeless over time.  Any tile, regardless of makeup should be cleaned with a specialised descaling cleaner after installation.  This will make the initial impact so much better and be far easier to keep clean.

Old stone floors can be given a new lease of life if you are willing to put in a bit of hard work, or hire a trained professional.  There are many products available to help.  Depending on the situation, there are a few different options.  Your natural stone floor can be enhanced with a coat of sealer or stripped right back and re-sealed. Make sure you maintain it with the right products and it should stay looking bright and fresh for a long time.  Every stone floor is different and requires individually selected products and care.

* Every floor is different, before trying any of these please speak to a professional, your supplier or local Fila stockist who will ensure that you are using the correct products for your floor.  Using the wrong products can cause problems.