Thursday 31 August 2017

Make a Statement!

Make a Statement!
With kitchen walls being one of the smallest areas that we tile this is an area where you can add a bit of drama.  This doesn’t always mean choosing a bold colour or striking pattern.  It can be as simple as rotating a brick style tile and laying it vertically rather than horizontally or herring-bone pattern. You could stack them rather than having them in a brick bond style.  If you are feeling a little bit more adventurous go for a chevron or ogee shaped tile in a gloss white or pale grey.  This will give you a beautiful finish that is just that bit different without being too loud.

If it is bright colours that you are drawn too then why not go for something simple but dramatic.  A deep blue, green or burgundy with a bit of variance between pieces gives a stunning handmade look while still giving an air of sophistication, and creating depth and interest.   On the other hand, if you want a more modern feel why not go for a glass tile, they are available in so many colours, in gloss or matt and in a variety of sizes.  You can even get metallic or glitter finishes if that is your style, if not go for a flat pop of colour in a statement glass splash-back with matching up-stands.

A mosaic panel can also offer a rather dramatic focal point in anything from a breathtaking miniature black glass and marble brick style mosaic to a multicoloured porcelain mix.  For a sleeker feel the polished marble mosaics add a touch of class, while iridescent glass gives you hints of rich colour.  If you want a bit of bling, there are even crystal, shimmer mixes available.  There really is a mosaic for everyone!

If it is a pattern that you are looking for there are endless options available, small patterned floor tiles are becoming increasingly popular as a choice for kitchen splash-backs to bring a bit of interest to your walls.  Geometric Eshler style patterns can give the increasingly popular industrial look while a random mix pattern can bring a bit of feature to slick modern kitchens.  There are so many options to choose from, and each one can dramatically change the style of your kitchen.
Mirror tiles are also becoming highly sought after as a choice for kitchen walls, especially those with limited natural light as they help to brighten up darker areas and create beautiful reflections.  The bevelled options give you a more scattered image while the flat mirror tiles give a near perfect reflection.  You can even go for different shades of metallic antique effect if you want that slightly softer feel.

Be brave, choose what you love, over what people tell you is the popular choice.  After all it is your kitchen, you are in it every day.  There are so many options available, check them out, follow you local tile stockists on Pinterest and Facebook to get ideas of what is available.  Borrow samples to see what suits your home and ask for their advice on what works.  After all they are there to help you. 

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