Tuesday 31 October 2017

Magnificent Monochrome Tiles

Magnificent Monochromes
Mon•o•chrome |ˈmänəˌkrōm|
noun - A photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one color.
ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: based on Greekmonokhrōmatos ‘of a single color.’
For years artists have been experimenting with monochrome to create different shades or tones of a particular colour.  The idea is to take one colour and use shades of the single colour to create light and dark areas creating beautiful monochromatic effects giving interest to certain areas.  It is thought that by creating a monochrome style room you create an area of tranquillity, free from distraction and conflicting elements.  You can create a monochrome room using the simplest of elements, by going back to basics and using simple forms, shapes and materials.
A monochrome look is a very good choice for a kitchen or bathroom, it is one of those styles that never really dates, a current look that can be very cutting edge and at the same time, timeless.  Going monochrome can also give you that calming feel, whether you go for black and white or shades of a colour.  As you will have seen greens and blues are very popular and traditional choices for a bathroom.  As more styles, colours and patterns are becoming readily available, people are becoming bolder with their choices.  We are doing more bright and edgy bathroom designs.  One monochrome that has really taken off is shades of pink.  A pink terrazzo style porcelain floor, dusty pink bricks and brass fittings are an absolutely stunning combination that is often overlooked.  If you prefer the more traditional colour range you could go for shades of blue, beautiful original styled blue 6x6” glazed tiles come with matching border and skirting tiles available in a whole range of shapes, sizes and shades or blues, greens, black white and greys.  The options are endless.
Monochrome works really well with textures so if patterns aren’t really your thing, don’t worry.  If you want to go with a simple, classic and timeless black and white or shades of grey why not add a bit of texture as your feature wall.  A beautiful matt black hexagonal tile or a satin white elongated brick style laid in a herringbone to give you that edge and add interest to your wall.  Go for gloss and use an arabesque, umbrella or chevron shaped tile.  These are available in shades of grey, black and white and are an absolutely stunning choice for a feature whether it is a shower, a dramatic wall in your living room or a splash-back in your kitchen.  This style can be really brought to life by adding some coloured, brass or beautifully finished accessories as the texture lends itself so well to being paired up with statement accessories.
If you want something more dramatic but without the detail of a pattern or texture the steel or copper effect porcelain tiles give an absolutely stunning feature wall while still keeping a monochrome style.
If statement pattern is more your thing, why not go for shades of olive green with a bold matching patterned floor or a striking black and white  patterned floor and feature wall.  Patterned tiles are now available in nearly every colour, with a bit of imagination the possibilities are endless.  You can go for very modern, crisp patterns in bright bold colours or black and white, or go for an antique look patterned tile in shades of blues.  These can be paired with a larger 60x60 in jean blue or shades or greys.   If you want that classic feel, a mix of white and black marble or marble effect porcelain gives a beautiful, cutting edge contemporary look.
 If you aren’t sure what to do we have put together a selection of images to help you out. 
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