Thursday 9 November 2017

The Return of the Terrazzo

The Return of the Terrazzo

Over the last couple of years Terrazzo flooring has made an impressive come back.  It is no longer associated just with school floors and public buildings.  It is a thing of beauty, highly sought after, extremely desirable and unfortunately pretty expensive too, but don’t worry, we have a modern and cost effective twist on the original, which may be even more beautiful.

Terrazzo flooring originated in Friuli in Italy, it is thought around the 15th Century.  The craftsmen who laid the venetian marble mosaic flooring began to gather all of the waste marble and chips from the marble floors that they were laying as well as pebbles and glass from the areas where they lived.  They would lay these into the ground around their living quarters, their “terrazza”, or terrace as we know it.  They would then rub the surface with stones to give them a flat surface, not long after this they developed a tool for grinding away the surface, revealing the beautiful patterns beneath.   They later discovered that by using the milk from their goats as a sealer they could bring out the colour in the chips of marble and stone.  They had created a beautiful, virtually free flooring.  Little did they know that this style of flooring would grow to be one of the most expensive, durable and desirable flooring options available.

We have, for the last couple of years been searching the globe to find you the best and most beautiful porcelain terrazzo.  To offer a terrazzo look that does not need a team of specialists to lay it and special cleaners and sealers to look after it, and one that will not break the bank.  We wanted something with a modern twist that you could get excited about, and now we have it.

Our porcelain terrazzo is made in Spain, using a range of different techniques to create the just the right look including photographing the real thing and studying endless chips of marble, stone, glass, granite and shell to give you the perfect combination of colours.  The artists behind the porcelain terrazzo have created a beautiful mix of patterns and colours for you to choose from as well as matching coloured bricks and delicate patterns. 

It is available in a carefully curated selection of colours from shades of greys to pink, blue and yellow.  It can be laid with a very narrow grout joint to give you a simple terrazzo feel or with brass in each joint to give you a bit of opulence.  It also comes in a range of different bold patterns, whether you want to go for Escher cubes or a delicate floral.  You can go ultra modern or a twist on retro.  Pair it with a stunning handmade style brick in a similar colour, use it on your kitchen walls for a real statement, try the semi-polished version for a bit of elegance or go ultra modern with a slick white pairing.  The options are endless.

So whatever your style, call in to see us and check out our absolutely stunning range of porcelain terrazzo tiles.  If you cant make it down just yet, don’t worry, you can also check it out on our website at:

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